About us

PARABOLA incorporating FUNCTION is published by the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) in association with the School of Mathematics & Statistics, University of New South Wales. AMT is a not-for-profit organisation that administers mathematical enrichment activities for Australian and international students and publishes materials on mathematical enrichment. Its trustee is the University of Canberra and its Board comprises representation from the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, as well as representatives from academia and the corporate sector. For a brief history of PARABOLA see Vol 41 No 1 Editorial and view the first issue of Parabola published in July 1964.

The Parabola Online project was initiated by a grant from the U-Committee of the University of New South Wales. Parabola Online includes an archive of Parabola issues (currently under deployment) and also the development of other online Mathematical resources. The Parabola-Online team wish to thank the U-Committee for their generous support of the project.

Journal Scope

The journal publishes articles on applied mathematics, mathematical modelling, pure mathematics and statistics that can contribute to the teaching and learning of mathematics at the senior secondary school level. The journal's readership consists of mathematics students, teachers and researchers with interests in promoting excellence in senior secondary school mathematics education. Contributions to the journal are invited as scholarly articles, reviews and problems subject to approval by the editors and editorial board. PARABOLA incorporating FUNCTION is keen to encourage a wide range of contributions from educators and students at secondary and tertiary levels.

Notes for Authors

A submission to PARABOLA incorporating FUNCTION must be the original work of the author(s) and must not be published elsewhere or under consideration for another publication. Articles to be considered for publication should be emailed to the Editor at parabola@maths.unsw.edu.au either as any common variant of TeX or a Microsoft Word document, along with a covering letter indicating the format used. If submission is in hardcopy, three complete copies of the article to be considered, along with a covering letter should be sent to the address below.

Address for Submissions

The Editor
School of Mathematics & Statistics
University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052
Email: parabola@maths.unsw.edu.au
Web: www.parabola.unsw.edu.au

Editor:      B I Henry
Associate Editors:      P Brown, A C F Coster, M A B Deakin, J Franklin
Problems Editor:      T Tran
Editorial Board:      M Cowling, A Dooley, P Blennerhassett
Typeset:      A Tye
Website:      S Crothers
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