Volume 21
, Issue 2


Have you ever been asked to determine the next term in a series, given only the previous terms?

There have been many methods proposed for finding square roots. The easiest is to use the button on the calculator, but this has limited accuracy and is difficult to represent as a rational number.

There is one very old anecdote about probability that goes as follows

Find all 4 digit numbers, $abcd$, such that when the second digit $(b)$ is deleted the remaining 3 digit number $acd$ is a factor of the original number.

Editorial note: the question numbers are 100 less than they should be.

Q.636 In the play off match for the chess club championship between the three players who had finished level after the preliminary tournament, each pair played the same number of games.

Q.612 From a point $P$ inside a cube, line segments are drawn to each of the eight vertices of the cube, forming six pyramids each having $P$ as the apex and a face of the cube as the base.