Problems Section: Problems 1341 - 1350

Q1341 A lazy weather forecaster predicts that future maximum temperatures will be the average of the preceding two days maximum temperatures. The forecaster starts his forecast by noting that yesterday's maximum temperature was 23$^o$C  and the day before it was  29$^o$C. What is the weather forecaster's long term maximum temperature forecast?
Q1342 An employer  is negotiating with a union on future staff salary increases. The union asks for an outcome with a flat salary increase of
18\% at the end of 4.5 years. The employer offers two 2% pay rises each year with the first increase in January and the second in July.
The Treasury estimates the CPI to be 3.5% per year for the next 4.5 years.
Does the  employer's offer match the union request? Does the employer's offer match the CPI?