The Nature of Mathematics

Mathematics is a widely misunderstood subject. The common perception of mathematics is the subject filled with rules and procedures driven by very little motivation or meaning. Mathematics is often reduced to memorizing and replicating these procedures to solve endless identical problems, in which the procedure is promoted as the one way ticket to its solution. This is a tedious and frustrating experience for most, and even for those who succeed everything is usually forgotten after the big exam. Unfortunately most students do not get the chance to see that real mathematics is nothing like this. 
Real mathematics is free from this meaningless grind, instead it is an endeavor that plays out much like a game. Real maths is driven by creativity and curiosity, it's definitely not something to be memorized. We can't squeeze all of maths into a giant textbook that we can look up every time we run into a problem: maths is not a completed subject set in stone, it's not even close and never will be.