Volume 8


The system which we consider consists of a pendulum bob of mass $m$ connected by a rigid rod of negligible mass to the pivot. This system is illustrated in Figure 1.

There is a fundamental difference between games of chance, such as roulette or two-up, and games of skill, such as poker or chess, which is shown by their description.

I want to talk about intelligent machines.

Maharaja In this version of chess, one player has the usual sixteen chessmen and the other player has just one piece called the "Maharaja".

Because of the fact that the last issue of Parabola was so late, we only have one entry as yet to the questions you were left with in that issue.

In issue 3 of 1971 you have a short note about a card with "The statement on the back of this card is false," printed on either side.

"Puzzles in Math and & logic" by Aaron J. Friedland

J191 A yacht starts from a point A, one mile due East of a buoy O, and tacks up to the buoy as indicated in the diagram.

J181 Show that the product of 4 consecutive integers is always one less than a perfect square.