Volume 49
, Issue 2


Prepare to be MOOCed! The MOOCs are upon us and there is no turning back. MOOC is an acronym for Massively Open Online Course.
Many popular and well-known puzzles can be approached by setting up and solving equations.  Frequently, however, it will be necessary to find solutions which are not just any old real numbers, but integers. Here are two examples.

Sometimes mathematicians seem to be overcautious in their assertions, overcautious even to the point of pedantry, requiring proofs of things that seem so clearly obvious that surely no proof is required.

In order to make use of and regulate glucose in the blood stream, the body alters the rate of passage of glucose into and out of cells.

Q1421 Find all integer solutions of the equation $2013x+49y=2$.

Q1411 How many three-digit numbers are there which do not contain any digit more than once?  What do you get if you add them all up?