Volume 9
, Issue 2


The term "polyomino" is used to describe a set of squares, which are simply connected together by edges. The word "domino" used in this way refers to the shape of the playing dominoes, that is two squares simply connected along an edge.

When we do Euclidean geometry, we use the idea of congruence of triangles and we have certain rules for deciding whether two triangles are congruent or not.

Referring to the article by John Rice on Topology: Another fascinating aspect of topology is the bottle with one side that topologists have tried to construct. An example is sketched below.

As this section seemed to be so popular last year, we have decided to present another one.

The game this time is based on the article 'Polyominoes' on page 2 of this issue.

Given a triangle with sides $a,b,c$ and a segment of length $d$.

"The Great Mathematicians" by H.W. Turnbull.

J211 The numbers 31,767 and 34,924, when divided by a certain 3 digit divisor, leave the same remainder, also a 3-digit number. Find the remainder.

J201 Find the last digit of $7^{1001}$.