Volume 17
, Issue 2


Suppose that our Government has decided to improve the capabilities of the Royal Australian Navy. It has resolved to buy one new destroyer for each 1000km of the Australian coast-line. The only problem left for the Navy is to measure the length of the coast-line.

The differential and integral Calculus has important applications in physics and/or mechanics.

Summing series of the form $u_1 + u_2 + \cdots u_N$ is a common problem in mathematics.

It is well establihed fact that it is impossible to trisect a general angle using Euclidean tools, i.e. compass and straightedge only.

This Cross-Numbers was devised by Andrew Jenkins, Year 9, North Sydney Boys High School.

(The cube problem) Each face of a cube is marked with a square, a triangle or a line segment.

Q.491 Find a four digit number which becomes nine times as large if the order of digits is reversed.

Q.467 In a plane are 127 toothed cog-wheels, numbered $(1),(2),\cdots ,(127)$. The teeth of wheel $(1)$ engage those of wheel $(2)$, and similarly $(2)$ is engaged with $(3)$,