Volume 25
, Issue 1


The popularity of the special theory of relativity stems from extraordinary predictions about time, distance, mass, Energy and the nature of space.

About 1637 Pierre Fermat wrote the following famous note in the margin of Bachet's translation of Diophantus' Arithmetica:

The equation $\int f(x) dx = F(x) + C$ where $\frac{dF(x)}{dx} = f(x)$ is familiar to us when studying integration.

Q.753 When multiplying two whole numbers a student by mistake reduced the tens digit in the answer by 7.

Q.762 Simply the sum
$$ \sec(\theta) + \sec(\theta)\sec(2\theta)+ \sec(2\theta)\sec(3\theta) + \cdots + \sec((n-1)\theta)\sec(n\theta) $$