Volume 30
, Issue 2


While browsing through the science section of our local A.B.C. bookshop, I leafed through the autobiography of Richard Feynman (1918-1988) titled 'Genius' by James Gleick.

Mathematics is full of unsolved problems and conjectures which attract the minds of many people, both amateurs and professionals.

Although there is a formula for solving cubic equations (see Parabola, 2nd issue 1989) it is rarely used in practice since it can be tricky to apply in even very simple cases.

  1. A large number of brown, green and yellow frogs are wandering around on an island.

Q.923 On and island there are 50 brown, 57 green, 62 yellow and 68 red frogs.

Q.913 $S$ is a collection of numbers. At least half of the numbers in $S$ are even, at least two thirds are multiples of $3$ and at least two thirds are multiples of three, and at least six sevenths are multiples of $7$.