Volume 48
, Issue 1


The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is in the late stages of developing the Senior Secondary National Curriculum for Years 11 and 12  Mathematics.
The problem of integrating simple expressions containing inverse functions relies on the well-known method of integration by parts.
The title of this column is a phrase that became a catchcry of the 1960s, and although the problem that it encapsulates is still very much with us (indeed even more acute than it was back then), it is less in vogue nowadays.
Mathematics is a widely misunderstood subject. The common perception of mathematics is the subject filled with rules and procedures driven by very little motivation or meaning.
Q1381 It is commonly believed that the minute hand and the hour hand on a clock are in exactly symmetrical positions when the time is 10:08 and 42 seconds.
(a) Without detailed calculations, prove that this is wrong.
Q1371 Consider shuffles of a standard 52-card pack.  (See the article in volume 47 number 3 for terminology and basic information.)  Let rev be the shuffle which reverses the pack - that is, the first card is swapped with the last, the second with the second last, and so on.