Volume 34


Issue 1

Those of you who have taken plane geometry will know that the Greeks were fascinated with the challenge of constructing regular polygons - that is, those polygons with all sides of the same length and all angles equal.

Issue 2

Experiment 1: Figure 1(a) shows a portion of tape which has been folded using the $D^1U^1$-procedure, with the first few (say 10) triangles cut away.

Issue 3

In our paper we showed how to fold a regular $7$-gon - and much else besides!  We showed which convex polygons could be folded by a period-$2$ folding procedure these turned out to be those polygons whose number of sides,  $s$, had the form $$s=\frac{2^{m+n}-1}{2^n-1} $$