Volume 34
, Issue 1


Those of you who have taken plane geometry will know that the Greeks were fascinated with the challenge of constructing regular polygons - that is, those polygons with all sides of the same length and all angles equal.

In an interesting problem, which as my title suggests also has interesting historical roots, physical insight can often simplify an otherwise complicated mathematical problem.

If you were to ask a variety of people what  was, you would probably get a variety of different answers.

Q1015. Quantities of coins are available denominated at one tenth, one twelveth and one sixteenth of a penny. How can these be used to settle a debt of one two hundred and fortieth of a penny? The giving of change is allowed.

Q1007. A student receives a mark out of 7 for each of the subjects English,Maths and Science. In how many ways can the student get

  1. a total mark of exactly 7;
  2. a total mark of at most 7;
  3. a total mark of exactly 16.