Volume 46
, Issue 1


This issue of Parabola incorporating Function features two articles on the history of mathematics.
Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.
Galileo Galilei
The 17th century was a revolutionary period in the development of modern science.
Some years ago, I wrote a biography of Hypatia of Alexandria, the first female mathematician of whose life and work we have a good body of reliable evidence.
Some years ago an office building in Brisbane acquired considerable notoriety for the rate at which cancer had been detected in those who had worked in it.
Q1321 Find the sum of the coefficients of those terms in the expansion of $$(x^{31}+x^5-1)^{2011}$$  which have an odd exponent in $x$.
Q1311 Prove that $\tan75^{\circ}-\tan60^{\circ}=2$ using purely geometrical arguments.